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We have been designing and building dock lifts since 1974. We have the greatest selection of recessed dock lifts in the industry. There are models suitable for every kind of material handling equipment available. The selection chart above is your guide for getting to the right model for the equipment that you are using. Simply find the symbol for the kind of material handling equipment that you are using and the series above that symbol should be appropriate for your needs. For more detailed assistance you may wish to click on the phrase “How To Select A Proper Dock Lift” which will guide you step by step in selecting the exact model for your application. Clicking on “Dock Lift Accessories” above may also be helpful, as this will show you the full variety of accessories that are available.

You may notice that there is a capacity and size overlap between our 3000 lift series and our 4000 lift series. The 3000 series is built with the cylinders internal to the leg set and the platform is allowed to cantilever over the roller wheels in the fully raised position. This is the conventional design in the industry and suitable for most applications. The 4000 series is a more expensive design with cylinders connected to the very corners of the platform which is far more rigid. The near zero deflection character of the 4000 series in the raised position is unnecessary for most applications, but critical for heavy loads in the fully raised position passing into furnaces or autoclaves or when handling sensitive loads such as explosives. The rock solid stability of the 4000 series is well worth the small cost increment for some applications.

The other clickable aids listed above should be able to answer most of a potential user’s questions, but we are always pleased to help you any way we can at the toll free number below.

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