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Container dumpers are used to empty the contents of containers onto a variety of receivers. Packages, parcels and mail items are poured onto conveyor lines. Trash containers may be emptied to sorting lines or poured into larger containers for transport or directly into compacting machinery. Grains, powders and liquids are poured into large vats or ovens. We have seen a wide variety of applications which all are very unique and they have allowed us to develop a large assortment of options to modify our dumper equipment to fit your exact needs.

There are three (3) dumper groups to choose from. The “standard” dumper series was designed to present the most compact footprint possible. These hydraulic dumpers are a very good choice for medium duty applications (six (6) cycles per hour or less) where space is at a premium. The front mounted cylinders and small compact power units provide maximum space savings. The “heavy duty” container dumper machines are a more robust design with the cylinders straddling the bins at angles that provide better mechanical advantage. The power units are also larger, providing higher cycle rates. This requires more space, but provides a more rugged work horse. The “high reach” dumper consists of a dumping carriage that is elevated to the desired height and then dumped. The structure is every bit as robust as the heavy duty dumper designs.

Our standard warranty is 1 year on electricals, 250,000 cycles or 10 year structural. This is the best warranty in the industry. Please note that just as with automobile warranties, expected life greatly exceeds warranty life. Be sure to compare warranties when comparing pricing.

The dumper machines shown in our selection charts should only be considered starting points. Whether your bid request is for 100 units or a single unit, we would be pleased to put our vast experience in dumper design to work for you to come up with a design that fits your needs perfectly.

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