High Performance Container Dumper (HPDP)

5 Year/500,000 Cycle Warranty

The high performance bin dumper shares the same patent pending configuration of the Ultra high performance dumper. By removing the shuffle feature, costs are reduced by simplifying the power unit and reducing the high fatigue stresses, so structural members can be lighter, but still very robust.

High Performance Container Dumper (HPDP)


  • 180 degree rotation using our patent pending “dumper linkage system” which quickly and compactly inverts the bin assembly to dump the most stubborn loads.
  • The unique dumper design keeps the center of gravity of the bin assembly and payload entirely within the dumper base-frame during the entire rotation cycle even in the improbable event that the payload remains stuck in the bin assembly in the full 180 degree rotated position.
  • Constant pressure push button control with ramp up and ramp down speeds anywhere in the operating range. Reversing the dump cycle and resuming the dump cycle can be done manually at any point.
  • Robust “construction equipment grade” cylinders built to withstand fast dumping and shuffling speeds.
  • 5 year/500,000 cycle warranty.
  • Note: Warranty life is a fraction of expected life when the equipment is properly installed and maintained.


High Performance Container Dumper (HPDP)


Capacity(A) Dump(B & C)(D & E)MotorSpeed(F) Carriage(G) Arc(H)Approx.
ModelLbs.HeightCarriage WxLOverall WxLH.P.Sec.HeightHeightOALWeight
HPDP-236-483620003648 X 3664 X 95225641181222190
HPDP-436-483640003648 X 3665 X 95225641181222290
HPDP-636-483660003648 X 3666 X 95225641181222390
HPDP-248-483620004848 X 3664 X 95225521181222190
HPDP-448-483640004848 X 3665 X 95225521181222290
HPDP-648-483660004848 X 3666 X 95225521181222390
HPDP-260-483620006048 X 3664 X 95225461181222190
HPDP-460-483640006048 X 3665 X 95225461181222290
HPDP-660-483660006048 X 3666 X 95225461181222390
HPDP-236-484820003648 X 4864 X 104225641261402310
HPDP-436-484840003648 X 4865 X 104225641261402410
HPDP-636-484860003648 X 4866 X 104225641261402510
HPDP-248-484820004848 X 4864 X 104225521261402310
HPDP-448-484840004848 X 4865 X 104225521261402410
HPDP-648-484860004848 X 4866 X 104225521261402510
HPDP-260-484820006048 X 4864 X 104225461261402310
HPDP-460-484840006048 X 4865 X 104225461261402410
HPDP-660-484860006048 X 4866 X 104225461261402510
HPDP-236-524820003652 X 4876 X 104225641261402500
HPDP-436-524840003652 X 4877 X 104225641261402600
HPDP-636-524860003652 X 4878 X 104225641261402700
HPDP-248-524820004852 X 4876 X 104225521261402500
HPDP-448-524840004852 X 4877 X 104225521261402600
HPDP-648-524860004852 X 4878 X 104225521261402700
HPDP-260-524820006052 X 4876 X 104225461261402500
HPDP-460-524840006052 X 4877 X 104225461261402600
HPDP-660-524860006052 X 4878 X 104225461261402700

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