Upenders (UE)

10 Year/250,000 Cycle Warranty

These units are tilters that tilt a full ninety (90) degrees. It is common to equip one platform with a “V” cradle to hold coils or rolls. When this is done we leave a gap of 6”, or whatever the customer specifies, to accommodate a pallet at the bottom face of the coil or roll. The upender machine is then called a roll “palletizer” or “depalletizer”. Lifts have been mounted on one of the platforms and so have turntables. If a turntable is mounted, it usually has to be mounted on slides so that it can be pulled away from the adjacent perpendicular face in order to turn a square cornered load. Inquire about these hydraulic upenders today.


  • All of our upender machines have hydraulic return lines on the cylinders to preclude oil weepage.
  • All of the controllers are Underwriter Laboratory listed assemblies.
  • All shafts, axles and pins are hard chrome plated.
  • All bearings are lifetime lubricated.
  • hydraulic upenders are fully primed and finished with baked enamel.

These upender tilters lend themselves to many special applications and many modifications. The following photos illustrate some of the modifications we have applied to these tilt machines.

Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise to design a suitable unit.


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