Selection Criteria For Scissors vs VRC’s

Scissors Lift Advantages:

  1. Free standing which requires no support from surrounding structure. (Unless landing lock option is ordered)
  2. Fully assembled and tested at the factory, no field assembly required.
  3. Can be configured to allow riders to accompany loads.
  4. The 2015 International Building Code recognizes ANSI MH1-2012 as the governing code for industrial scissors lifts, therefore installers do not have to be licensed elevator installers. (Some states require that ASME 20.1 products such as VRC’s must be installed by licensed elevator installers)

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Advantages:

  1. Greater variety of platform sizes available.
  2. Faster speeds than scissors lifts.
  3. Shallow or no pits are required.
  4. Higher travels are available.
  5. VRC Lifts can be easier to install in very tight spaces because they are assembled on site.

Package Lift – subgroup of VRC’s (200# – 500# capacities):

  1. Can be shipped as one piece tilt up units or two or three piece stackable units.
  2. Free standing units with minimal structural tie in for anti-sway.
  3. Speeds start at 30fpm.

Hydraulic VRC’s:

  1. Usually less expensive than mechanical VRC lifts.
  2. Only appropriate for two level operations.

Mechanical VRC’s:

  1. Travel speeds up to 100 fpm.
  2. Can service any number of elevations.

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