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Combination Lift and Turn Units

Many applications call for combining lifting and turning functions. Both the manual and the powered turn tables in all of our turn table series can be mounted on lifts. On the following pages we have configured some standard model combinations that will fulfill the most common applications. However, we often create special combinations not shown in this catalog to meet the exact requirements of customer applications. Please call us for your special requirements.

We have also combined multiple lift tables on top of a large turntable in a carousel style to accommodate work centers with multiple operating stations. These are always custom designs and they usually require powered turntables with position sensing for both the turntable and the lifts. Programmable logic controllers are used to coordinate lift positioning with the customer’s work stations. Because these applications are so specialized, we have not created any standard models for them, as they would be meaningless. When you encounter this kind of application, please call us so that we may quote on your requirements.

You may wish to configure your own special combination unit yourself for budget purposes or when brainstorming applications. Simply follow the stacking rules below and remember to confirm pricing with your distributor or the factory before finalizing your budget.

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  • 1. The lift must have enough capacity to lift both the weight of the items on the turntable and the weight of the turntable itself.
  • 2. The minimum lift platform must be large enough to support the entire turntable baseframe.
  • 3. Be sure the lift under the turntable is allowed to have a platform as wide as the longest side or overall diameter of the turntable. Calculate the side loading capacity of the lift with the long dimension of the turntable.
  • 4. If you are using a low-profile industrial powered turntable that normally has the drive motor mounted outside of the turntable, be sure that the lift has enough lowered height to allow the drive motor to hang down and if the motor is mounted on the side of the lift, it must be counterbalanced to provide an evenly distributed load on the lift when the unit is empty.
  • 5. Lowered heights are simply the sum of the lowered heights of the two units.
Production Tools
Production Tools

Please do not hesitate to contact your local distributor or our sales department with your special requirements. They have the full resources of our company behind them and it is our purpose and privilege to service your material handling needs. Call the number below with any questions you have about our scissor lift and turn platforms.

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