VRC For Roof Access

A Case History

A large manufacturing company in North Carolina installed a VRC lift to take equipment and maintenance items up to their roof.


1. Greater Efficiency

Prior to the installation of this VRC, anything that weighed less than 300lbs was hand carried up 46 stairs to the roof. Often, items were chained to a pole and thrown over a shoulder. Work on the various HVAC components, blowers, ducts, chimneys and filters could take multiple employees multiple trips up these stairs with heavy or bulky items in their hands. By utilizing the VRC, 1 or 2 employees can send up to 2,000lbs to the roof in a single trip avoiding many trips up the stairs and allowing them to complete the job more quickly and accomplish more in a day.

2. Reduced Exposure To Possible Injury

Once the VRC roof access platform was installed, employees can get everything they need for the job up to the roof without having to carry anything. Not carrying anything up the stairs allows them to use the handrail for balance and they do not have to worry about dropping their heavy or bulky loads. Workers are also far less fatigued increasing performance and safety throughout their day.

VRCs, whether they are floor to floor or in this case floor to roof, allow for greater efficiency and safer environments.

VRC For Roof Access

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