Rider Lift to 2nd Floor
for Spring Manufacturer

A Case History

A spring manufacturer in the Chicago area purchased an existing building to expand their manufacturing area. Prior to occupying the building, they installed an Advance rider mezzanine lift and an interlocked roll up door on the 2nd floor of the building.


1. Convert Unneeded 2nd Floor Office Space To Inventory Storage:

The first floor office space in the building satisfied their office needs, so the upper floor above the offices was wasted space until they repurposed it by installing the Advance lift and the roll up door. Then they could move pallet loads of springs to the 2nd floor and increase inventory using the new storage area. This meant they could do longer production runs which reduced costs and the increased inventory would allow them to better serve their customers.

One person moving pallet loads of goods from ground level to 2nd floors using an Advance lift is both fast and efficient, improving building utilization.

Note: There is a video of this application on our Mezzanine Lift website.

Rider Lift to 2nd Floor<br /> for Spring Manufacturer

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