Rider Lift for Mezzanines in
Automobile Dealerships

A Case History

An automotive holding company in Minnesota with more than nine (9) dealerships has installed mezzanines serviced with Advance rider mezzanine lifts in six (6) of their dealerships with plans for more in the future.


1. Increased Revenue Producing Floor Space: 

By moving parts storage up to mezzanines, they have increased space available for more service bays in several dealerships and increased show room floor space in other dealerships. Parts storage now occupies previously unused air space and frees up high value ground level floor space for more profitable use.

2. Lowered Parts Costs: 

By increasing the size of the parts storage space through the use of mezzanine space, they now are able to purchase parts such as oil filters in pallet size quantities instead of case lot quantities, which lowers their purchase costs.

Moving pallet loads of goods from ground level to mezzanines is both fast and efficient, improving the utility of mezzanine floor space.

Rider Lift for Mezzanines in<br />Automobile Dealerships

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